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      Centre Plan Update – August 2021

      The Centre Plan is a planning process for the Regional Centre, including Peninsula Halifax and Dartmouth inside the Circumferential Highway. The Centre Plan is being developed in two phases, Package A - approved by Council in September of 2019, and Package B. Centre Plan Package B continues to be guided by the Community Design Advisory Committee (CDAC).   View CDAC meeting agenda and presentations.

      Regional Council Approves Key Changes
      Between April and July 2021, a number of Community Councils and Committees of Council reviewed Centre Plan Package B and forwarded recommendations to Regional Council. On August 17, 2021 Regional Council provided direction to staff on changes to the proposed planning documents arising from the review process, including a number of site-specific zoning changes identified in the supplementary staff report. The adoption path will include the following:

      Adoption Path Committee Or Council Agenda Link Recommendation Received

      Community Design Advisory Committee June 2, 2021
      June 10, 2021
      June 16, 2021
      June 23, 2021 Yes

      Heritage Advisory Committee June 2, 2021
      June 23, 2021 Yes

      Harbour East–Marine Drive Community Council June 3, 2021 Yes

      Design Review Committee June 10, 2021 Yes

      Halifax and West Community Council June 22, 2021 Yes

      Regional Centre Community Council June 28, 2021 Yes

      Community Planning and Economic July 14, 2021 Yes
      Development Standing Committee

      Committee of the Whole August 17, 2021
      View the motion - 14.2 Ratifition from Committee of the Whole August 17, 2021 - Regional Centre Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-law – Centre Plan Package B

      First Reading (projected) September 28, 2021

      Second Reading (projected) October 26, 2021

      Other Presentations

      North West Community Council July 13. 2021 Information only
      Design Advisory Committee July 14, 2021 Information only

      Any submissions during the Centre Plan Adoption Process to Council or Committees of Council must be directed through the Office of the Municipal Clerk – clerks@halifax.


      Centre Plan – Package B – What We Heard Report Released

      On March 2, 2021 the Community Design Advisory Committee received the “What We Heard Report”, a summary of the community engagement process and feedback received on Centre Plan Package B. The agenda is available here. The meeting was livestreamed and the full report is available.


      Centre Plan Package A

      Visit Regional Centre Plan Area to read the Regional Centre Secondary Municipal Planning Strategy [PDF] and Regional Centre Land Use By-law [PDF] and learn more about the planning policies and regulations for this planning area. View the resources needed to start a development project. Thank you to all who participated in developing the Centre Plan.  


      View the Package B documents. Interact with the map. See what is different.

      View PLANifax’s video explaining what the Centre Plan is all about.


      There are currently no events planned.


      Consultation on Centre Plan Draft Regulations for Areas identified in Package B
      Adoption of the Old South Suburb Conservation District


      Adoption of Centre Plan Package A
      Inclusion of Downtown Halifax Plan in Centre Plan
      First reading for the Old South Suburb Conservation District


      Consultation on Centre Plan Draft Regulations for Areas identified in Package A 
      Inclusion of Downtown Dartmouth Plan in Centre Plan
      Adoption of the Schmidtville Heritage Conservation District


      Authorize direction of the Centre Plan
      Drafting of Centre Plan Regulations


      Launch Open House
      Neighbourhood Workshops
      Growth Scenarios Open House
      Stakeholder Meetings
      Pop-Up Events


      To contact us directly, email planHRM@halifax.

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